BCI has a strong co-operative focus, a strong environmental support team, infrastructure capacity, and water available for delivery.  If you are considering securing a sustainable water delivery and environmental support package for your property you should contact BCI now.

What is involved in securing BCI water;

  • Confirming infrastructure capacity – let us know where your property is and we can confirm that a delivery is available, and that the share capital contribution will cover the connection cost

  • Confirming environmental impact – provide a nutrient budget to show the environmental impact of how you intend to operate your irrigated business and we can confirm it meets the scheme expectation

  • Apply for shares – read the Information Memorandum attached and understand the requirements for purchasing shares in BCI and the ongoing water charges

  • Complete a Water Agreement – this sets out the obligations of the irrigator and the scheme

  • Prepare a Farm Environment Plan – before you take delivery of water to your property


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