BCI’s vision is to provide positive economic, environmental and social solutions in response to the challenge of sustainably managing our community’s water resource through employing a combination of innovative technology and outstanding people and governance. We bring together our irrigators, service providers, contractors, and other stakeholders in Mid Canterbury as a community, and we work towards continual improvement of all parties within our community to achieve that vision.


Our irrigators are family farming businesses that produce high quality food for NZ consumption and export.  They work closely together under the BCI cooperative banner to share innovation and expertise, continually improve their water use and management, and demonstrate their environmental commitment.

Service Providers

BCI is a relatively small organisation, but with our irrigators operating sophisticated, world class farming systems, and our own network of high tech infrastructure, we have significant service requirements.

Meeting these is achieved through the commitment of our dedicated and experienced operations team as well by as partnering with specialist external service providers (electrical, engineering etc).  By working closely with other local businesses in this way we are confident that we can attend to any infrastructure issues or faults at short notice.


Mid Canterbury is well served by experienced earthmoving contractors. BCI has long standing relationships with a number of these, including Rooney Earthmoving, Harmer Earthmoving and Monadelphous NZ, who we engage to undertake large scale construction projects.

These partnerships enable us to focus on project management and trouble shooting.

Other Stakeholders

BCI is about more than just just delivering water for irrigation to our shareholders. We are an integral part of a vibrant community, both rural and urban, and we consider many other organisations to be part of our community.

Organisations such as Ashburton District Council, other regional irrigation schemes, Te Runanga o Arowhenua, and Environment Canterbury all have an interest in managing the district’s natural resources. We proactively engage with these organisations and partners, endeavouring to understand and accommodate their interests with the aim of working together to achieve our vision.

Another stakeholder BCI involves in its community is the NZ Fire Brigade. We have made our network available for the delivery of emergency water supplies to the NZ Fire Brigade through the installation of approximately 30 hydrants across the district.