The Original Development

Following a successful capital raising in December 2009 the BCI development has commenced construction. The development is being funded and managed as a Joint Venture between BCI and Electricity Ashburton Limited.

January 2010

After signing off the major agreements with Tyco Flow Control (Pacific) Pty Ltd for the construction of the pressurised pipe network, Rangitata Diversion Race Management Ltd for modifications to the existing RDR, and Trutspower Limited for pumped delivery of water to the RDR from the Rakaia River, the JV has been working with these parties to progress the final design.

The major visible outcomes for January has been the first deliveries of HDPE pipe to various locations and the marking of property offtakes. The 15m pipes are being delivered to site from Tyco’s Hamilton plant and will be welded together prior to being laid in deep trenches across farms. Locals may have noticed large trucks with four 1m diameter pipes on board or larger numbers of smaller diameter pipes.

February 2010

Tyco have set up a Methven depot and project management office. Pipe routes have been finalised with affected farmers and marking of routes has commenced.

Welding crews arrived and commenced welding pipes into 100m strings.

March 2010

Welding crews begin to drag out 100m strings and weld together ready for dropping in the ground. Local contractor Ashburton Contracting Limited is awarded the contract to install the pipes and commence digging trenches, installing the pipe and backfilling on the Methven line.

Pipes continue to be delivered to the area and the Highbank line is marked out.

April 2010

Pipe is delivered for the entire Methven and Highbank Lines. Installation of 1m pipe continues on the Methven Line and pipe welding of smaller diameter pipe is under way.

May 2010

Forks, Buccleugh and Mayfield Lines are marked out and the first pipes are delivered to these areas. Welding and installation continues on the Methven line, and welding under way on the Highbank line. Wet weather provides a challenge for installers and welders. Trustpower commence work at Highbank Pump Station and intake. The RDR is gauged for capacity to consider alternative sources of water while awaiting pump installation.

June 2010

Installation commences on the Highbank line. Methven line installation progresses well.

July 2010

Methven line close to completion of installation. Highbank line welding progressing well. Welding commences on Mayfield and Buccleugh lines. Trustpower pump station development progressing well with major earthworks complete and foundations being poured. Methven and Highbank pond construction commences.

August 2010

Pump stations and property offtakes being installed on Methven and Highbank Lines. Installation of pipe on Buccleugh line and Mayfield line commences.

September 2010

Final branch lines, pump stations and property offtakes installed on Methven and Highbank Lines. Better weather allows for progress on Methven, Highbank and Buccleugh Ponds.

October 2010

Successful testing of Methven line, line flushed and farmer connections made. Methven Pond completed, outlet screen installed and pond filled. Installation continues on Forks, Buccleugh and Mayfield lines.