Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation Limited

Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation Limited is the farmer cooperative having fifty percent ownership of the BCI Scheme.  This page contains information specifically relating to that farmer cooperative and the issue of shares required for the delivery of water by the BCI Scheme.

The Role of BCI Limited in the BCI Scheme

BCI Limited’s primary role in the BCI scheme is to raise capital from new irrigators and invest as equity in the joint venture.  The BCI Limited Board also has an important role of monitoring the performance of the joint venture on behalf of its irrigator shareholders.

BCI Limited has issued a number of prospectus since 2008, being the formal process of raising capital under Securities regulations.  The recent Financial Markets regulations requires a product disclosure statement to be issued rather than a prospectus.  Potential irrigators should contact the BCI Scheme to enquire about the process of accessing shares and irrigation water.

Shareholders of the Acton Irrigation Scheme are also shareholders of BCI Limited.  In 2010 the BCI Scheme licensed 3 cumecs of water to the Acton Scheme, shareholders of which were then BCI Limited shareholders and that shareholding has been maintained.

Governance of BCI

The BCI Limited Board is made up of five irrigator shareholder and one independent Directors;

  • Malcolm Cairns (Chairman)
  • Rab McDowell
  • Jan Early
  • Will Grayling
  • Jeremy Casey
  • Jeremy Smith (independent)

Malcolm Cairns and Jeremy Smith represent BCI Limited on the joint venture committee, which operates and develops the BCI Scheme.

Applying for a New Water Connection

Farmers requiring a new connection to the BCI Scheme network should contact the scheme to make application.  The following will be required to confirm a new connection;

  • A hydraulic and economic analysis of the proposed connection.
  • An environmental analysis of the proposed connection to ensure it will meet the scheme’s expectations of environmental performance.
  • An application for shares under the financial markets regulations.
  • A signed Water Agreement, which sets out the terms under which water can be delivered.
  • Land access for any new infrastructure installations.