Stage Two Prospectus

Today Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation Limited registered a capital raising prospectus to seek support for the stage two development.  The prospectus will close on 7 November 2014.

Subject to gaining sufficient support from the capital raising the BCI scheme intends to build a new river intake at Barrhill, a pumped delivery line at Barrhill, and a gravity delivery line to Chertsey.  The design of the gravity line incorporates a hydro generation component which will support significant overcapacity and also hedge against increasing energy prices for the scheme.

Farmers in the area are being encouraged to carefully consider if this proposal could add value to their businesses, providing pressurised water to the farm boundary, backed up by comprehensive asset management and environmental management systems.

Prospectus documentation is available on the BCI Ltd page.

New Office

The BCI Scheme is now based in the Irrigo Centre Limited office at 18 Kermode Street in Ashburton.  The move allows the scheme to work alongside the other schemes in the district who share the office, and with the administration team at Irrigo. 

The primary contact number for the BCI Scheme office is now 03 9288 321.

Stage Two Planning Progressing

After a period of consultation with interested parties the BCI Scheme has lodged applications for a suite of consents to enable the construction of a new intake and settling pond at Barrhill, a seven kilometer pipeline in the Rakaia River bed, and the installation of a small hydro generation plant.  This primary infrastructure will deliver to two distribution lines, the Barrhill Line and the Chertsey Line.

The scheme will soon be working with land owners and potential irrigators to finalise the layout of the distribution network.  The aim is to begin construction in autumn 2014 if the consent process is complete and irrigator support sufficient.

Springburn Line Commissioned

Infrastructure on the new Springburn line has been commissioned making water available to a new group of irrigators in the Springburn area.  The majority of the network was installed in the autumn but pond completion was held up due to wet conditions.

Land Use Consent Granted

The BCI Scheme has been granted a land use consent by Environment Canterbury which allows water to be supplied to new irrigators provided that all properties supplied water by the scheme do not in aggregate exceed a nutrient cap.

The scheme has developed a nutrient management policy which allows it to assess information provided with an application for water to establish if the environmental performance of the intended use of the water meets the expectation of the scheme and will not lead to the scheme exceeding the consented nutrient cap.  If new users of the water meet the scheme’s expected environmental performance, and they comply with the scheme’s requirements around farm environment plans and audit processes, they have the ability to change land use without requiring an individual land use consent. The consent is granted for a term of five years and the position may change in the future.

The consent is available for viewing here – Land Use Consent CRC141388


Lake Coleridge Storage Available

The BCI Scheme is contracting stored water with irrigators for the 2013/14 irrigation season and beyond.  This process has been enabled through the variation to the Rakaia River Conservation Order achieved by TrustPower Limited and a subsequent commercial agreement with the power generator.  Irrigators are being asked to nominate a contracted volume of stored water by 30th May 2013 for the upcoming season.  Details of the terms and conditions are attached on the following link;  Coleridge Storage – Fact Sheet 3

2013 Prospectus Released

Today a Prospectus was registered by BCI Limited to allow new irrigators to invest in shares and get access to water.  The Prospectus and Investment Statement are available on the BCI Ltd page.  New investors need to be aware that Environment Canterbury are yet to approve new consent conditions, under a revised planning platform, to allow new irrigators to use the water secured by making an application under this Prospectus.

New Operations Manager

Mike Lamb resigned as Operations Manager in June this year and has been replaced this Month by Nick Brook.  Nick lives near Ashburton and had been Engineering Manager at RX Plastics for nine years.  Nick is coming up to speed with the complexities of operating the scheme and is contactable on 0274 224258 or

Mike came to the scheme when it was very new and has been instrumental in establishing policies and systems to ensure the smooth delivery of water to customers.

Stage Two Considered

The BCI Scheme is considering development options for the stage two area.  The stage two area fits between Lauriston, Barrhill and State Highway One.  Potential irrigators in the area have been surveyed and the response has been positive.

The intention is to deliver water to the area by gravity at Barrhill and install a pipe line to provide pressurised water to irrigators.  The consented Ashburton Community Water Trust canal is one of the delivery options being considered as well as more regionally integrated alternatives.  MPI is assisting with funding the engineering work.