Farm Environment Plan (FEP) Resources

Welcome to the one stop FEP shop.

All information explaining what you need to know about completing and implementing a Farm Environment Plan (FEP) is included in the following pages.

The FEP Userguide is available for download: 2016 FEP Userguide

If you need any help completing your FEP, please feel free to contact us.

  • Eva Harris, Environmental Manager, or 027 550 0129.
  • Belinda Meares, Environmental Coordinator, or 027 551 0344.

Key Points:

1. When is my FEP & Nutrient Budget due?
All FEPs & Nutrient Budgets are due 31st August.

Nutrient Budget won’t be done until after August 31st? 
You can still complete your FEP update but, please make sure that you have provided the consultant with all appropriate information by the 31st of August.

2. Login Details & Password Reset
You can complete your FEP through WaterLine, same place you order your water.
Login– this is the same number as the customer number of the owner
Password – your password will be 9999, unless you have previously changed it. If you would like it reset, please let us know.

4. Drop in Sessions & One on Ones
Drop in sessions will be available every Wednesday 10am – 2pm starting 31st May. Pop in and see us with any questions regarding your FEP or nutrient budget. No appointments necessary.

A one on one session is available on request, if you are struggling with the FEP update we recommend booking a one on one.

5. Lead with Pride and Permitted Activities
Please complete section 1-8 and section 10 of the FEP. You will then need to select “No” to the following sections, you can then submit your FEP.

Only Lead with Pride FEPs will be accepted as an alternative FEP template as they are currently the only schedule 7 accredited program. You must be Lead with Pride Certified to use this alternative.

6. Resource Consents & Compliance Monitoring Reports
If you have had any new consents granted or altered please upload these into the FEP. Please make sure you have ticked the consent check box at the bottom of the Resource Consents page, we require your consent in order for ECan to release the Compliance Monitoring Reports. Once this is checked we will contact ECan & obtain the CMRs.