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RSVP to Belinda for any of the workshops – or 027 551 0344

Workshop 1: 2017 FEP & Nutrient Budget Update and OVERSEER – Recap of “What’s my Number”.

Handout from Workshop #1 – Workshop 1 – Progress to Date

  • April Dates: 
    Tues 18th – 9.30am  – 12.00pm Dorie Hall
    Tues 18th – 1.00pm – 3.00pm Mayfield War Memorial Hall

Other Upcoming Workshops:

  • Workshop 2: Record Keeping Options – 2nd May 9:00am – Workshop 2 Flyer
  • Workshop 3: ProductionWise – 2nd May 1.00pm
  • Workshop 4: Aiming for an “A” – July

See our 2017 workshops flyer for more information.

Irrigation NZ Workshops – INZ

  • As a scheme member you are by default a member of INZ. This entitles you to the member rate for any INZ workshop or event. Check out the INZ website for more information.

Future Workshops
If there are any workshops which you would like to see repeated or run in the future please let us know.